Nathen McVittie
Creative Marketer and Strategic Consultant



World Unknown (2018)

World Unknown is a premium lifestyle travel platform - combining blogs, editorials and stunning videography in partnership with the worlds leading travel brands.

I worked with London-based creative agency LoveGunn on design concepts, identity development and brand guidelines. Crafting the World Unknown universe from concept to fruition, I worked alongside CD Tom Love on everything from logo mark to website layouts.

“Our premium and minimalist aesthetic approach focused on allowing the stunning destinations and the beauty of the natural world to become the hero of this inspiring new brand. With subtle nods to the golden age of travel such as a ticker-board style typographic treatment, World Unknown successfully captures the excitement and wonder that travel brings.”

All media credit LoveGunn.

Tom Love (Creative Director)
Christian Gunn (Managing Director)
Nathen McVittie (Graphic Design)
Lucien De Vivo (Motion Design)


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Tone of Voice
Art Direction