Nathen McVittie
Creative Marketer and Strategic Consultant



Upland - Super Bowl LVI (2022)

Upland, the metaverse app where you buy, sell and trade virtual property, partnered with the NFLPA on digital collectibles ahead of Super Bowl LVI.

Working with Upland, we identified six players with compatible interests for the partnership across gaming and collectibles. Player personality and on-camera comfort was also a deciding factor.

To promote the partnership and showcase the platform to fans, we constructed a real-world city that our athletes could literally walk through, showing off their own collectibles and educating viewers along the way.

Deliverables included still photography, as well as video mash-ups and player-specific cut downs in a variety of aspect ratios.

Nathen McVittie (Creative Direction)
Jason Scott (Executive Producer)
DJ Cottrell (Producer)

Cole Kmet
Cassius Marsh
Denzel Ward
Cameron Jordan
Saquon Barkley
Bobby Wagner