Nathen McVittie
Creative Marketer and Strategic Consultant



Hoppin (2018)

Embedded with London-based creative agency LoveGunn, I worked with their team to craft design concepts and brand itentity for New York startup Hoppin.

“Hoppin (a New York-based startup) connects adventurous and driven professionals with exciting job shadowing opportunities within thriving startups, innovative businesses through an engaging digital platform. Our bold and playful visual expression of the brand has helped them launch their mission with profound success, coming second place in the 2018 Uber X Girlboss investment pitch and securing funding for growth in 2019.

Using a series of design sprints, we defined Hoppin’s brand values and created a visual identity that resonates with their positive-thinking and ambitious audience of Millennials and budding entrepreneurs. With Hoppin's ambition to expand into more countries, we needed to develop a symbol that could be recognised globally. An iconic shorthand for positivity, fun and career growth, the Hop mark is a symbol of this inspiration.”

All media credit LoveGunn.

Tom Love (Creative Director)
Christian Gunn (Managing Director)
Nathen McVittie (Graphic Design)


Art Direction
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Tone of Voice