Nathen McVittie
Creative Marketer and Strategic Consultant



FIFA 22 - Powered by Midge (2022)

EA Sports’ FIFA 22 “Powered by Football” campaign was crafted around spotlighting aspirational and storytelling content across global football. As part of that effort, OneTeam and EA Sports wanted to hone in on the U.S. Women’s National Team and elevate athletes in the squad.

We approached Midge Purce, a rising star of the USWNT, to share her story and, as EA Sports had seen a large sentiment lift with athlete-shared posts, we shared the final content on her social channels in collaboration with EA Sports FIFA.

The content was released as SheBelieves Cup 2022 was wrapping up, in order to capture the hype and attention surrounding the USWNT.

This was the first time that a women’s football story was told with the same spotlight as the men’s game across some of football’s biggest platforms.

Our final content was produced in partnership with Mile44 and a Black-led crew that truly made the piece possible.
Director: Pope
Executive Producer: Melinda Travis
Creative Director: Nathen McVittie
Creative Director (production): Keitaro Cloward
Technical Director: Jesse Paz
DP: Michael Ho
Steadicam: Jess Sanchez-Strauss
Photography: Eva Wooldridge
Styling/Hair/Makeup: Emani Johnston + Team
Set Designer: Stephen Sprague
Production Coordinator: Viri Coyt Valdez
Production Assistant: Ada Travis

EA Sports:
Nandita Misir
Kevin Strunk

Margaret “Midge” Purce

Special Thanks:
Remy Cherin

Quote from the director:
“As a Director, this piece holds an incredibly special place in my heart. It was filmed during Black History Month in the vibrant city of New York. As a black non-binary woman, the opportunity to collaborate with Midge Purce, a remarkable black woman who is breaking barriers and making history, fills me with immense pride and gratitude. Our creative team was made up of extraordinary black women @ewphotos1 @__makeupbya__ @emanimeansfaith @shak3ya who are also shattering glass ceilings, which elevated this experience to unprecedented heights. Together, we’re continuing to make history. Witnessing Midge’s triumphant victory as both a Champion and an MVP fills me with an overwhelming sense of joy. In my eyes, when one of us succeeds, we all succeed.”