Nathen McVittie
Creative Marketer and Strategic Consultant



California United FC (2017)

After a thorough naming process, we started back where we began: with a name powerful enough to represent America’s most populous state.

Creating a football club from scratch, we built a fully realized visual identity and set of digital and physical assets that channelled the boundless energy and diversity of California.

Featuring a nod to the iconic coastline through a central sun motif, more subtle references to the team’s area of play can be seen within ‘sliced’ sunrays— a reference to Orange County, along with color combinations that call back to legendary Los Angeles-area teams California Surf and LA Aztecs.

The identity is designed around that flexible color system and encapsulates the diversity of the state of California, incorporating a number of elements from local geography.

Nathen McVittie (Creative Direction)
Zack Goldman (Strategy, Account Management)
Eric Beard (Strategy)
FISK Studios (Design collaboration)


Brand identity
Brand guidelines
Strategic brand development
Art direction
Social templates
Parking passes
Wheatpaste posters
Marketing assets